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DeltaMaster 6L

Free Cooling is the general term for the technology that uses free cool air for cooling of equipment rooms such as Radio Base Station Cabins and rooms, power transformation rooms or server rooms.

DeltaMaster is NIBE AirSite’s unique and innovative Free Cooling solution. Not only as a pioneer, but also by many operators, DeltaMaster is recognized as the most power efficient Free Cooling system on the market with the least service requirements.

As opposed to other less power efficient systems, DeltaMaster uses the free outdoor cool air to create pressure in the equipment room through the low impulse method without creating turbulence and thus missing of the cold and hot air. As a result of the forces of nature, the hot air rises towards the ceiling. By increasing the pressure, the hot air rises just faster and leaves the room in a faster space through an exhaust grill.

Using the force of the nature, DeltaMaster achieves a high efficiency cooling with up to 40% less power consumption.

DeltaMaster is controlled by a micro controller which uses advanced control algorithms and the outdoor and indoor temperature sensors to achieve a constants indoor temperature.

The controller (provided in an IP54 casing) also allows control and monitoring of many other types of site equipment such as dampers, heaters, smoke detectors, Air-Conditioners, power counters etc. All the control algorithms are refined through 20 years of application experience to maximize MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) and minimizing power consumption. Scenario handling algorithms also take care of power failure, fire and many other situations.

When a system fault is detected, an alarm is triggered and is transferred from the control system to the Operation Centre by software protocols (Modbus TCP) or detected on the hardware contacts. Alarms and site conditions are also logged continuously using a Real Time Clock to provide means of fault diagnostics and analysis through NIBE AirSite’s Network Management System SiteManager.

NIBE AirSite also provides a wide range of accessories, such as heaters, intake-/exhaust cowls, back draught dampers, motorized dampers, roof cowls, grilles, communication products for monitoring etc.

The micro controller is easily reprogrammed and updated remotely to achieve additional functions or features.

DeltaMaster 48EC is designed for telecom systems with 48V supply.

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