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CarryMasterPortable free cooling fan suited for temporary cooling needs. The fan is controlled by a temperature regulator which regulates fan speed according to 10°C = 10%... 45°C = 100%


· Fan casing in magnelis (C5), uncoated or coated.
· EC-fan with external rotor motor
· 1 st Temperature sensor regulator
· 1 st Power cable 230V

Electrical data fan unit:

· Voltage 230 V
· Rated power 170 W
· Rated current 1,45 A
· Fan speed 2900 rpm
· Sound pressure level 73,9 dBA

Fan unit, air flow, dimensions and weight:

· 210 l/s at 50 Pa external pressure with clean filter
· Approved ambient temperature -25°C…+60°C
· Dimensions: See drawing on page 3
· Weight 6 kg
· Maximum cooling capacity at Δt 2K* = 1-2kW
· Maximum cooling capacity at Δt 5K* = 2-4kW

Classifications according to IEC:

· Fan motor: IP54
· Temperature sensor: Protection Class II
· Connectors: IP20


· Transition duct 200-160 mm
· Reinforced plastic hose 160 mm
· Filter M6 160x1500 mm
· Hose clamp 160 mm

CarryMaster som nodflaktCarryMaster as an emergency fan

CarryMaster can be used as an emergency fan i situations where quick replacement of existing ventilation is needed.

1. Place the CarryMaster on a stable surface, connect the following:
a. The plastic hose (1), attach the transition duct and secure with the hose clamp.
b. The filter hose (2), attatch the transition duct and secure with the hose clamp.

2. Connect the plastic hose to the current inlet.

3. Make sure that the temperature sensor (3) is positioned 1.5m above the floor. It must not be in the air flow from the filter hose.

4. Connect the CarryMaster to an outlet.