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NIBE AirSite offer unique solutions for cooling of telecom stations and other types of equipment rooms without using conventional cooling machines. Save up to 90% energy consumption by using FreeCooling from NIBE AirSite!

Through the years our product range has grown bigger and bigger and today we can offer a complete free cooling alternative to all types of equipment rooms.

DeltaMaster is NIBE AirSite's top selling Free Cooling system which is already used in thousands of telecom shelters.

MicroMaster is a small Free Cooling fan for small equipment rooms where a DeltaMaster 2 does not fit.

CarryMaster is NIBE AirSite's portable emergency fan.

CityMaster is the perfect Free Cooling for central equipment rooms where low noise is of high priority.

ODU is NIBE AirSite's outdoor placed Free Cooling unit.

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Download ChangeLog T03-1_DM_0023 (DeltaManager zip archive) 2021-11-01
  Visual Viewer v1.1 (Installation program for Setup Forms) 2019-11-20

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NIBE AirSite User Manual DeltaMaster 48EC

NIBE AirSite User Manual DeltaMaster 230EC