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BoxMaster is a high-quality fan that is regulated 0-100% without any noteworthy impairment of its degree of efficiency. The EC motor changes speed steplessly, regulated by Air-Site's smart control system. A complete DUC with Modbus TCP and associated software makes it possible to read and alter parameters continuously.

BoxMaster Exhaust Fans Box Ventilator

The fan of course has fire protection at 70 °C for an hour, however the most important thing is, for all the years that the fan is to operate reliably, that the lowest possible energy costs and least possible repair costs be maintained.


BoxMaster Drawing


Direct-driven single inlet centrifugal fan with backward curved blades and semi-spiral type housing. 

BoxMaster is noise and condensation insulated on all sides with 50 mm of mineral wool and is suitable for installation for example in attics where the fan's intake and exhaust are connected to ducts. The impeller and motor are in openable hatches, permitting cleaning and enabling access to the duct. Delivered complete with vibration-damping stand and sleeve on intake and exhaust. The intake taper is furnished with a flow measurement outlet. Regulation of pressure and/or flow is delivered as a standard feature.

Fan casing of Magnelis, which corresponds to class C5; EN ISO 12944-2.

Technical data
BoxMaster 6
BoxMaster 7L
BoxMaster 7H
1~ 230 VAC
1~ 200-277 VAC
3~ 400-480 VAC
50 Hz
50 Hz
50 Hz
1710 rpm
1950 rpm
2300 rpm
Rated output
0,45 kW
1,25 kW
1,95 kW
Rated current
2,9 A
6,2-4,5 A
3,3-2,6 A
1000 l/s
1800 l/s
2200 l/s
Temperature range
-25...+60 °C
-25...+40 °C
-25...+50 °C
(70 °C for 1h)
(70 °C for 1h)
(70 °C for 1h)
K factor


Capacity chart

Capacity chart BoxMaster 7L

Capacity chart BoxMaster 7H


In the table below you can find all the accessory modules we offer for the BoxMaster.


For BoxMaster 6
Intake sleeve-400
Exhaust sleeve-400
Guide 650x220
Transition 650x220/400
Exhaust sleeve-650x220

Art no. 09004
Art no. 09005
Art no. 09006
Art no. 09007
Art no. 09008


For BoxMaster 7L & 7H
Intake sleeve-400
Guide 815x265
Transition 815x265/500
Exhaust sleeve-815x265

Art no. 09004
Art no. 09013
Art no. 09014
Art no. 09015

BoxMaster filtermodul

BoxMaster filter module
Dimensions (WxHxD)

Height of mounting feet must be added.

Art no. 09017
800x873x924 mm

BoxMaster frånluftsbatteri

BoxMaster exhaust air coil
Dimensions (HxD)

Width approx. 400-500 mm depending on data.

Height of mounting feet must be added.

25-30% ethylene glycol or ethyl alcohol is most commonly used for antifreeze in the water.

Normally, the following data is used:
Air 21/2-5°C
Liquid 2-4/4-7°C

Art no. 09018
800x800 mm

BoxMaster tomdel för brand och "Fläkt i drift"

BoxMaster empty section for fire bypass
Dimensions (HxD)

Width approx. 400-500 mm depending on data.

Height of mounting feet must be added.

Art no. 09019
873x924 mm

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