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AHU with Coil Heat Exchanger from NIBE AirSite

NIBE AirSite's GreenMaster-C Air Handling Units are available as Exhaust Air Units and Supply Air Units.

Applications include:

* GreenMaster C-F Exhaust Air Unit connected to a GreenMaster C-T Supply Air Unit for Coil Heat Recovery.

* GreenMaster C-F Exhaust Air Unit connected to a Heat Pump for Heat Recovery. NIBE AirSite can supply NIBE Heat Pumps for a complete installation with collaborative Control Systems.

* GreenMaster C-F Exhaust Air Unit or GreenMaster C-T Supply Air Unit in garages coupled with CO-sensors.

* GreenMaster C-T Supply Air Cooling Unit with DX-coil connected to an external cooling machine.

GreenMaster C is equipped with the GreenManager Control System for easy connection to SCADA systems via the Modbus TCP protocol.

Read more about GreenMaster C and NIBE AirSite's other Air Handling Units in the product catalog below the "More information" tab, among the documentation below, or contact NIBE AirSite for a quotation request.

Documentation GreenMaster C-F

  Description Uploaded
Download Transport- and installation manual IHB GreenMaster Transport- and Installation Manual (SE) 2020-10-14
Download GreenMaster User manual OHB GreenMaster User Manual (SE) 2020-10-14
Download Service manual SEM GreenMaster Service Manual (SE) 2020-10-14
Download MODBUS register list GreenMaster MODBUS TCP Register List GMA/GMXXL v26 (ENG) 2021-03-08

Program files

  Description Uploaded
Download software T03-3_GMCF_2973 2023-01-24
Download Visual Viewer Visual Viewer v1.1 (Installation program for setup forms) 2019-11-20

More information

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