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Rotary heat exchanger FTX from NIBE AirSite

GreenMaster-@ uses a rotor with high efficiency to provide the best possible performance. The dimensions and price are the big advantages compared to GreenMaster-XXL. However, it requires that the premises to be ventilated through the same sets have fairly the same operations, since smell can be transmitted via the rotor and through its brush seals.

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Documentation GreenMaster @

  Description Uploaded
Download Transport- and installation manual IHB GreenMaster Transport- and Installation Manual (SE) 2020-10-14
Download GreenMaster User manual OHB GreenMaster User Manual (SE) 2020-10-14
Download Service manual SEM GreenMaster Service Manual (SE) 2020-10-14
Download MODBUS register list GreenMaster MODBUS TCP Register List GMA/GMXXL v26 (ENG) 2021-03-08

Program files

  Description Uploaded
Download setup form T03-3_GMA_2576 2023-01-24
Download Visual Viewer Visual Viewer v1.1 (Installation program for setup forms) 2019-11-20

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