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Hello GreenMaster HP! A break-through in exhaust air heat pumps for residential properties

Perfect air and perfect heating in a strong housing. At ISH 2017 NIBE Energy Systems and Air-Site will launch the latest in exhaust air heat pumps for residential properties. GreenMaster HP, in four sizes, offers unprecedented aerodynamics, fantastic energy savings and very low noise emissions.

GreenMaster HP has been designed and engineered to meet the new and high standards and requirements, from, for instance The Swedish National Board of Housing. The product recovers heat from exhaust air and works in buildings with air ventilation systems that do not recycle indoor air. It’s a natural step forward in efficiency and value for its users.

- "The combination of Air-Sites leading systems for ventilations and NIBE Energy Systems deep knowledge in airpumps, creates a unique system that offers great value for users. I believe owners of residential properties will welcome the next level of savings and comfort we bring to the market", says Tomas Nilsson, CEO Air-Site.

GreenMaster HP is built with an upper and lower section. The ventilation system is contained in the upper section and the heat pump in the lower section. Exhaust air is cooled from about 21°C to almost 0°C and produces heating and/or hot water regardless of whether the building has additional backup heating or not. It offers low noise emission and can be installed in the attic above a bedroom. The unit comprises six modules and comes with a connected brine system. The unit is airtight and contains less than 5 tonnes of CO2 equivalent, which means there is no requirement for an annual inspection.

- "This is a step into the future of ventilation, heating and not to forget, a very environmentally sustainable solution. Furthermore, the energy savings are tremendous using this product. The return on investment can be as short as 2-3 years", says Tomas Nilsson, CEO Air-Site.

Furthermore, GreenMaster HP reaches the highest energy label A+++ at 55°C and flow temperature for heating and hot water up to 65°C. GreenMaster comes in four sizes. GreenMaster HP Compact. Ideal where there is sufficient height and enough space. GreenMaster C-F with separate heat pump. Ideal in attics with a low ceiling and an exhaust air ventilation system. The heat pump is installed in the Mechanical room. GreenMaster HP Compact Low. For low-ceiling attics where there is space for the exhaust air ventilation unit and the heat pump unit. GreenMaster HP Compact (Outdoor version). For roof and/or outdoor installations with a separate, and weather protected roof.

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Magnus Axelsson, Market Communication Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
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Media Contact Air-Site:
Tomas Nilsson, CEO, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile: +46 739 83 19 22

NIBE Energy Systems
NIBE Energy Systems is the largest manufacturer of domestic heating products in the Nordic countries and a market leader in Northern Europe in the electric water heater and heat pump segments. The mission is to supply homes and buildings with products that provide domestic hot water and ensure a comfortable indoor climate.

By harvesting the power from nature, we provide you with the perfect indoor climate. Our products can cool, heat or provide ventilation to your home with minimal impact on the environment. It’s in our nature.

Air-Site is a Swedish ventilation company that manufactures Air Handling Units for residential properties, premises and equipment rooms. Our areas of expertise include Free Cooling, Air Handling Units, exhaust air systems and presentation and monitoring systems. Good-quality material and consistently high standards
at all stages of production are required to achieve maximum energy savings. Quality, expertise and proximity are our strengths and are reasons why so many apartment building owners choose our ventilation systems.

Air-Site AB is part of the NIBE Group since April, 2016.

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