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GreenMaster Pressure Test

We have tested the air tightness of our GreenMaster-XXL-5 – completely assembled including eletrical wiring. The test results complied to Class B. Joints between modules are fully sealed. Complex details such as doors and corners are sealed and stabilized through effective compression seal.

Sample testing of this sort will be made to assure that all units supplied by Air-Site always are of the highest quality. Customers often assume that Air Handling Units automatically are completely sealed. That is not the case, regardless of the Eurovent certification or not.

In conjuction with the development of our new enclosure, we have learned that it is very difficult to build a dense air handling unit, but with the right methods, we can achieve a very satisfactory result.

Air-Site delivers more than 1500 units per year including complete control equipment and EC motors.

You can be confident when you buy products from Air-Site! We take full responsibility for every shipment.

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