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Our controllers in the Manager series are equipped with Modbus TCP for connectivity between the controllers and superior systems. A Modbus tag list is enclosed with each delivery, which enable drawing of flow charts in most SCADA systems.

Air-Site helps with the setup (connection between the controllers and the customer’s OPC Server) if desired.

Process values are shown and set points are changed through a dynamic process image over the Internet, or the company's Local Area Network. Heat pumps, Air Handling Units, Time locks, lighting etc. are plotted with the company designations and are shown in real time. Alarms can be sent directly to the nearest service company, which shortens troubleshooting time and detects possible problems in advance. Most systems are also able to log this data for subsequent monitoring.

Air-Site Modbus TCP SCADA 1

Air-Site Modbus TCP SCADA 2 Log Chart

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