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Our goal is to use as environmental friendly materials as possible in our products. For example, painted sheet metal parts do not longer contain Bisphenol A. Furthermore, Halogen free cables are now standard in many of our products.

Energy saving measures are easy to explain and to get acceptance from the customers, as they save a lot of money in the long run. Environmental measures are more difficult, often because the materials are more expensive. Halogen free cables - for example - often cost considerably more than "regular" PVC cables.

We are constantly working with environmental improvements without changing the price list. Examples of already implemented changes are Bisphenol free paint, halogen free machine cables and Pb-free circuit boards.

DeltaMaster, BoxMaster and GreenMaster will be even better but are already environmentally recommended by "Sunda Hus" (Healthy Houses). The process continues and we expect to go from the current B - which is more than OK - to even higher rating in the future.

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