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BoxMaster is a complete machine - Just add power on the switch, turn it on and go! Factory pre-programmed. Constant pressure or flow, fan operation function during fire. Accessories such as filters, fire bypass and recovery coil.

BoxMaster - Direct-drive single inlet centrifugal fan with backward curved blades and housing.

BoxMaster is noise and condensation insulated in all sides with 50 mm of mineral wool and is suitable for installation for example in attics where the fan's intake and exhaust are connected to ducts. The impeller and motor are in openable hatches, permitting cleaning and enabling access to the duct. Delivered complete with vibration-damping stand. The intake taper is furnished with a flow measurement outlet. Regulation of pressure and/or flow is delivered as a standard feature. Smart control systems with the ability to add smoke detectors and fire damper with feedback and motor exercise.

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