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On November 24, IT&Telekomföretagen (IT & Telecom Industries) hosted, together with the Ministry of Industry the seminar "IT for a greener society" in Stockholm. Air-Site was mentioned in the report "IT and energy efficiency in Sweden", which the Ministry of Industry compiled after the seminar:

"Telenor has in collaboration with the tech company Air-Site completed a development project, utilizing the so-called Free Cooling technique to reduce energy consumption in base stations. The station is cooled by ambient air. Briefly, the technique builds on exchanging the air very slowly. Turbulence is kept low so less dust is formed and therefore also less filtering is required. The initiative has already proved energy consumption to be reduced by 50 %. Furthermore, the noise is reduced.

The company is now focusing on - by further guidance and supervision - to deliver heat to the surrounding property owners when the base station is located indoors. There is great heat recovery potential due to many base stations facing today's energy costs. This is also a technology that could be of advantage also for server rooms. "

The full report can be downloaded here ».

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