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On November 24, Sweden's Ministry of Industry and IT&Telekomföretagen/Almega (IT & Telecom Industries/Almega) will arrange an IT seminar for a greener society. The seminar will revolve around how IT and Telecom solutions can cooperate in the formulation of the sustainable city and its functions.

Ewa Thorslund, environment political expert at IT&Telekomföretagen raised four questions to Chatarina Holmberg, Environmental Manager Telenor Sweden.

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Telenor has implemented a test project with the so-called Free Cooling principle to reduce energy consumption in base stations. What does it entirely mean?
In collaboration with the tech company Air-Site, we have been experimenting for several years for an optimal model by using ambient air.

Which results have you achieved?
Reduced energy consumption by half, sometimes more, and also reduced noise level in the stations. We also try supplying excess heat to property owners.

Is this something that you will further develop/work on?
Yes, we will develop management and monitoring of the systems and utilize waste heat. We also work on large data centers.

Are you the only ones in this kind of contribution?
No, other operators are using this today, but Telenor has been a driving force in the further development of FreeCooling products.

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