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Air-Site AB is a company of high expertise with decades of innovations, new ideas and qualitative product development. Our head office, with our manufacturing, warehouse and marketing departments, is located south of Gothenburg, close to Landvetter airport, the railway and the E6. We also have development, support and marketing departments in the UK and representatives in many parts of Europe.


Our main expertise includes HVAC and ventilation, where our guiding principle is quality and energy savings with four key portfolios:

1. DeltaMaster – FreeCooling
2. GreenMaster – Air handling units
3. BoxMaster – Exhaust air system
4. Air-Site Manager – Presentation and monitoring system

As a pioneer in Green Technology and by partnering with large companies such as TeliaSonera and Ericsson, we have developed the most efficient energy saving solutions on the market. Many of our ideas are now taken for granted by the telecom operators; such as our FreeCooling system, DeltaMaster, which uses nature's own forces (the low impulse principle) with the lowest power consumption in the market, or our filter solutions, which offer extremely low maintenance requirements.

According to our customers, our air handling units – GreenMaster – is a market leader in terms of quality, environmental friendliness, energy performance and sound, containing features as Modbus TCP with remote monitoring.

Tomas Nilsson
Tomas Nilsson

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