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Domus Medica and IKEA, Iceland

GreenMaster på IKEA i Reykjavik

NIBE AirSite’s first GreenMaster orders to Iceland consisted of one GreenMaster-@ and one GreenMaster-M-F ordered by the Icelandic contractor Proventa, who carried out ventilation work at the furniture store IKEA and the medical center Domus Medica in Reykjavík.

Näverlursgatan Stage 2

GreenMaster Luftbehandlingsaggregat när Serneke bygger etapp 2 av Näverlursgatan

Image: Serneke

NIBE AirSite was given renewed trust for delivery of the air handling units as stage 2 of the renovation of Näverlursgatan started. Once again, general contractor is Serneke and the order consists of 2 GreenMaster-XXL-6 with control functions for smoke hatches, complete fire and fire damper handling etc.

Stora Teatern, Gothenburg

Air-Sites luftbehandlingsaggregat på Stora Teatern

NIBE AirSite delivered 2 custom-made GM-S air handling units to Stora Teatern ("The Big Theathre") in Gothenburg 2016. Ventilation contractor was Ventilationskontroll Aeolus AB.

Volvo TA Torslanda

Volvo Truckladdning GreenMaster-XXL-4

GreenMaster-XXL vid truckladdningen på Volvo TA3

Volvo Cars in Gothenburg use NIBE AirSite's ventilation unit GreenMaster-XXL-4 to control the climate in the forklift loading section in the bodywork building TA.

Mekonomen Alingsås

GreenMaster-A-2 på Mekonomen

A GreenMaster-@-2 from NIBE AirSite ensures good air quality in the workshop at Mekonomen in Alingsås.


Scalateatern i Stockholm

scalateatern aggregat

When the Scala theatre in Stockholm was to be renovated in 2015, there were problems fitting a full-size ventilation unit. NIBE AirSite constructed a customized GM-S unit with a rotary heat exchanger to save as much space as possible, while not negatively impacting the efficiency of the unit.


GreenMaster-XXL-8 i Göteborg


In the summer of 2015, NIBE AirSite delivered an Air Handling Unit of type GreenMaster-XXL-8 to Saybolt's laboratory in Gothenburg. The delivery also included an office unit with a rotary heat exchanger, GreenMaster-@-4.

Kringlaskolan Södertälje

Kringlaskolan Södertälje

NIBE AirSite delivered the air handling units for the renovation of Kringlaskolan in Södertälje in 2015. The delivery consisted of one GreenMaster-XXL-6 unit providing an airflow of 3 m3/s.

Olle Nystedts Plats in Gothenburg

GreenMaster på Olle Nystedts Plats

During 2015, NIBE AirSite supplied 5 GreenMaster Air Handling Units and 11 SkyMaster roof fans for a complete delivery with control monitoring in central Gothenburg. In the case of increased CO/CO2-levels in the garage, the exhaust fans increase their flow while new clean air is simultaneously provided by 2 GreenMaster-C-T units in the basement. The building is monitored via the customers SCADA-system and all units and fans communicate via Modbus TCP.

Näverlursgatan Stage 1


Image: Serneke

NIBE AirSite delivered 2 GreenMaster-XXL-6 Air Handling Units (dual plate exchanger) for the first stage of the renovation of Näverlursgatan. Final customer is Bostads AB Poseidon, general contractor Serneke and ventilation contractor Ventilationsgruppen i Bohuslän AB.

Glasmästaregatan, Hus B


Just over a year after occupancy at Glasmästaregatan House A there was once again time for a FTX delivery. NIBE AirSite was given renewed trust and delivered additional 4 Air Handling Units to Glasmästaregatan in Gothenburg.


Hornborgasjön Pressbild

NIBE AirSite has been contracted to improve the environment in the Visitors Centre “Hornborgasjön” a nature reserve in Falköping, Sweden

The delivery contains a GreenMaster-@-1 Mini (Air Handling Unit with rotary heat exchanger), a customized supply fan (GreenMaster-S-3) and a control system based on the GreenManager technology.



NIBE AirSite has delivered a combined Air Handling Unit and control system for Holländareplatsen in Gothenburg. Highest quality solutions with competitive pricing has made this project a reality. Working with this kind of control installation implies a connection between the functions of the GreenManager (NIBE AirSite’s advanced control systems for Air Handling Units), BlueManager (PLCs for heating systems throughout the property), complete fire function and connection of all components in the end-customer's SCADA system.


Koenigsegg använder Air-Sites produkter

Koenigsegg uses a control unit from NIBE AirSite to obtain the proper air temperature in a part of their factory in Ängelholm.

Dr. Forselius backe

Chalmers Studentbostäder - Dr. Forselius Backe

NIBE AirSite has delivered GreenMaster-XXL-7 to Dr. Forselius Backe in Gothenburg. More information about the project is available at Chalmers Studentbostäder web page »


NIBE AirSite has delivered 5 Air Handling Units with integrated control system to a building in Annedal, Sweden.

Backa Red

Backa Röd - Air-Site

Backa Röds Pärlor was a major construction project for the residential property company Bostads AB Poseidon involving 140 new apartments divided in 5 low-energy buildings. NIBE AirSite supplied all Air Handling Units (GreenMaster-@). NIBE AirSite was also subcontractor for the control systems. Radiator heat regulation, apartment temperature measuring, exhaust fan regulation, fire damper and smoke detector monitoring was some of the constituent features of the project, which ran between 2013-2015.

Rönnby Preschool

Rönnby Förskola, med GreenMaster-XXL-5

In 2013 NIBE AirSite delivered a GreenMaster-XXL-5 to Rönnby Preschool in Västerås. With dual plate heat exchangers no odor is transmitted between the kitchen and other facilities.

Villa Korndal

Villa Korndal, Forever Living Mölndal Göteborg

NIBE AirSite delivered a BoxMaster for supply air control and damper management to Forever Living in Mölndal 2013. Modbus TCP with web monitoring and remote operation are some of the features of the system.

Volvo Truck Corporation

GreenMaster till Volvo

In the summer of 2013 NIBE AirSite delivered two large customized roof ventilation units to Volvo Trucks in Skövde. 


A GreenMaster-@ from NIBE AirSite is placed below Rymdtorget in Bergsjön, Sweden.

Kv. Stiernhielm

Stiernhielm Mölndal

Kv. Stiernhielm

NIBE AirSite delivered eight Air Handling Systems to Kv. Stiernhielm in Mölndal. More information of the project is available at Sverigehuset web page »

Kvibergs Terrasser

Kvibergs Terrasser Göteborg

Two GreenMaster-XXL units controls the air climate at Kvibergs Terrasser in Gothenburg. They are remotely controlled and monitored in the customer's SCADA system through Modbus TCP.

MEGTEC Systems

MEGTEC Systems has purchased a customized GM-S heat exchanger from NIBE AirSite, that can handle extremely high temperatures.

Fjällbo Park

Göteborgs Tvätt AB Fjällbo Park - GreenMaster från Air-Site

When Familjebostäder where about to replace the ventilation equipment for Göteborgs Tvätt AB in Fjällbo Park, they chose a GreenMaster from NIBE AirSite.

Enchantment of the Seas

M/S Enchantment of the seas, där Air-Sites GreenMaster kyler serverrummet

Brf. Verona

Brf. Verona i Göteborg

Brf. Verona i Göteborg (HSB)

Innegården på Verona, Göteborg


Glasmästaregatan Hus A

O'Learys Gothenburg



Biblioteksgatan, Mölnlycke

BoxMaster frånluftssystem på Biblioteksgatan i Mölnlycke

Villa Rigamels

Roquefort Les Pins, Nice, GreenMaster from Air-Site

GreenMaster-@ from NIBE AirSite in France.



GreenMaster and BoxMaster at Nordåsgatan in Gothenburg. 


NIBE AirSite AB has delivered thousands of fans and Air Handling Units since the company was started.

In this reference section, we want to showcase some of our highlights and milestones through the years.